Iowa Principal Shaves Head in the Name of Love

Written by: Brittany Clausen

When Tim Hadley, Principal of Pekin Middle School, heard of a group of children taunting 11-year old Jackson Johnston, he sought out a different approach for discipline.

Instead of traditionally disciplining the bullies, he gathered them and their fellow classmates for an assembly to teach them something they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

In this assembly, Hadley told KCCI, “We can bring in the kids responsible, we can pull out the handbook and swat them with it, or we can choose to make this a life lesson".

Watch this video to find out what happens next:

“I heard that a couple people in this room made some comments to [Jackson], maybe kind of poking fun at him cause it looks a little different. That doesn’t sit right with me,” Hadley says in the clip. “The lesson here is this: If you truly believe in something, stand up for it even if it’s different.”

KCCI says that after this assembly, several of the kids apologized to Jackson which makes this story even better.

According to the Huffington Post, Hadley reported that many of the kids came back to the school in support for Jackson and his grandfather.

This story goes to show that when you speak out against bullying, love happens. A community of support can show up. Speak out against bullying today.