Uplifting our Children

Written by: Brittany Clausen

It's important that we continue to uplift our kids inside and outside of our homes every day. You can do so in multiple ways. Here's just a few to get the momentum going-- from FamilyShare.com.

1. "I am grateful for you every day."

By sharing this with your little one(s), you are telling them that you see purpose within them. They are of value to you on a daily basis. It's important to tell them this verbally, because for many people and children (especially), affirmation is a key piece to them being who they are, and them doing it confidently.

2. "I believe in you./I trust you."

For kids at a young age, trust can be very powerful. It instills responsibility, so even when they have to make tough decisions and you aren't around, they can remember that you entrusted responsibility, and thus, can make a strong effort to do the right thing.

3. "I know you are capable."

This saying has so much power behind it. When you say this to your child, you are not only saying that they are capable of completely a task, you are speaking life into them. You are saying that you are capable to do anything you want and do it well. Even if you fail, you are capable of winning. You are capable of success.


Go a little farther with your child and try daily affirmations. No matter what age- 0 to 75 years old, everyone needs to believe they are capable every day.