Reflection on Two Kids Assaulting a Very Young Trump Supporter

Written by: Brittany Clausen

**CAUTION: video PORTRAYS VIOLENCE & profanity.**

Back in November 2016, two kids were caught on video assaulting a young Trump supporter. Let's all take a sigh for humanity. This behavior, regardless of your views for presidential candidacy, is truly unacceptable.

Whether you are aware or not, our youth will always see adults as role models.  Good and bad ones. It's our job to demonstrate what it looks like to respectfully oppose someone's opinion on passionate issues. If you feel strongly on a subject, there is a way to express that,  but you must be able to hold a conversation.

I find that when a person with opposite views is willing to listen and you are willing to hold a healthy debate, love happens and people come together. It may sound corny, but now more than ever, humanity needs to win. We need to come together as a whole and fight for one another.

Because youth need to see that we can love. Out of pain, we can love. We can heal each other. Adults, let's be better to each other. Let's work through our stigmas to better mankind.